The Forest Lover

I went south on the highway again…beef to Bell Gardens in LA and a return trip north transporting watermelon.  This will be a lengthy entry…perhaps several brief entries…but, let it suffice to say that I have shared in yet again, a life-changing-somehow experience!  I am feeling a huge shift in myself and bless all of the people and events that have contributed to this!
In my hand along the way, was the beautiful hardcover by Susan Vreeland, The Forest Lover….and while not quite finished, a book that has touched my heart in ways a novel has not for quite some time.  There were some very surprising moments, ones that I could truly relate to in ways that seemed almost impossible.  What an indepth exploration of events and history based on the life of artist, Emily Carr…while at the same time, a story….a fiction that offered freedom to the reader.
Given that I have read indepth from Emily Carr’s own writings, explored her art in Vancouver and poured over books about her process over many years…I have felt as though I have KNOWN her all along….she truly has been someone who has inspired me over so many years of landscape painting.  I recommend this book to all who seek inspiration and courage.  I offer this book as a doorway through which you may walk and come to know the story of our aboriginal peoples… their awesome strength….their historical journey and plight….and the rich rich culture and mythology.

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