All Sorts of Weather

Sunday’s folk festival did NOT disappoint!!  A record attendance of 13,000 people…and all sorts of weather!!
A few key players yesterday…vertical bass player Ronnie Hayward and for me, the most beautiful, Garnet Rogers!!  I have attended many concerts over the years, but never have I heard a guitar sing in this particular style!  I purchased one of his cds, Night Drive that features a song that gave me chills!
Temperatures plummeted from a 35 degree heat to somewhere around 20 in a matter of minutes, with a wind that sent gusts 85 kms an hour across the grounds.  You could really see the quick mindedness of all of the volunteers, managers, performers and attendees.  My daughter and I actually watched a mind-blowing performance by Ellen McIIwaine, Cassius Khan and Indian performers Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (one of Ravi Shankar’s students), Salil Bhatt and Ramkumer Mishra (king of slide guitar) during the huge wind…and it just added to a somewhat spiritual dimension to the performance.
It was during New York’s Dar William’s mainstage performance that the rain began to pour down.  I liked the entire experience of cuddling under a single umbrella with my daughter…laughing, giggling and moving to the music that I love so much.  She sang several tunes that I love, but most endearing, one titled The One Who Knows.  She shared with the crowds that those who were nestled under tarp sheets with their children would remember these experiences for a lifetime.  And it’s true!  Camping and ‘roughing it’-experiences are the very best…so real!  I was thrilled that two of my children could get down to enjoy the time with dear ol’ Mom when they might have been with a ton of good friends instead.
Big mainstage events included work by Matthew Good and Ani DiFranco.  We were second row for both of those.  A magical event in music for me again this year…now to the studio!

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