Saturday Festival

The Saturday workshops at the folk festival were awesome and my son and I were consumed from one act to the next…each musician offering something special of themselves.  My son said at the end of the day, "I feel inspired."  This is simply-put, but true…a testament of a day well-spent and rich!
Some of the artists that literally pulled me out of myself were slide-guitarist Ellen Mcilwaine, along with her tabla player, Cassius Khun; fairly new (evoking the sound of Billy Holliday) Ndidi Onukwulu along with Juno-winning guitarist Madagascar Slim (AMAZING!); Aurelio Martinez of Honduras; Little Axe with his fantastic bass player Doug Wimbish and drummer Keith Le Blanc!  WOW!  Ari Up vs. Dubblestandart, Feist and Son Volt were all on my must-see list but of less consequence to me personally.  My son will for-certain be buying a CD produced by Dubblestandart! 
The biggest surprises (surprising because I felt a sense of indifference after reading about them :0)) of the day/evening were Luke Doucet (innovative) and Dave Alvin (glorious blues guitar!) and with his beautiful narratives filled with a sense of politics, justice, spirituality…the deeper, historical Kris Kristofferson.  There were a few tears shed as Kris shared stories of Johnny Cash…Janis Joplin…and amazement as he sang the songs that had everything to do with that period of my life.
On the top of my list today is Dar Williams, a revisit to the poet of yesterday; someone who actually shook our hands and spoke to us after his workshop yesterday, Leroy "The Grandmaster" Young and at the mainstage, Matt Good.  I know that there will also be many surprises at the workshops…these are always the best.  Here is the line-up for the Mainstage tonight.


July 30

5:30 pm –

10:00 pm

Eliseo Parro

Dar Williams

Daby Touré

Matthew Good

Ani DiFranco

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