New Step and Other Things

I was pretty pleased that my friend came by and built the step down into my studio that I have needed for quite some time…also some caulking was done around the foundation to ensure that the water wouldn’t seep in when the heavy rains come.  I got a few pieces of my landscaping boards cut at the same time.
My children both worked hard…we set down so many more stones that my dearest DJ brought home on his past trip…from as far away as Wells, Nevada….the Great Divide between Montana and Idaho….Prickly Pear Creek…all so beautiful in the light!  We learned that there was too much of a dip in the first layout of the rocks…so in a matter of an afternoon, all moss and stone was pulled out…the grade built up and things set right again!  Wowsers!
It has been a ‘magical’ thing to build…build all sorts of stuff this summer.  I am blessed!

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