It’s 10:00 at night.  Laurie-dog and I just came in from another marathon-evening of landscaping…and NOT of the painting-variety.  It was too dark to take a bird’s-eye-view photograph…but apart from three pieces, I’m finished spiking the sleepers into my boardwalk (with 24″ bar) to the studio and out to the new gate.  I’ll order the topsoil now and fill the flower beds, rake the grade and plant some seed.
After that, I’ll install the landscape cloth and order the gravel for the section nearest the gate and a light layer on the ground fabric.  From there, it’s a matter of using deck screws to install the boards.
Apart from working on the second flat rock patio over time, I’ll be through landscaping for the summer of 2006.  Quite the effort has been made and single-handedly! Yippee!  While I was at Home Depot today I picked up a 24 ” square of hardboard to paint a Pelican piece in acrylic…while I’ve been slinging a sledge hammer, I’ve been visualizing a series of pieces, all square formats and I’m feeling ready to begin.
I’ve popped a bottle of ice cold Corona…and Laurie-dog is at my feet.  A very wonderful feeling…satisfying…

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