It’s been such a busy time and I’ve been working so hard that I headed out late yesterday afternoon for a retreat to one of my dream places; Speargrass, Alberta.  I love hanging out with my eighty-nine year old girlfriend!  I grabbed some photos of her seeking out golf balls at 7 in the morning.  Last night I enjoyed a martini and olives in a beautfiul hot-tub and watched the summer stars emerge.

Today I went on a flat-stone hunt along the irrigation canal for what seemed miles and took in the beauty of the brilliant green reflected in smooth running water.  My stone-hunting buddy spotted a beautiful deer amidst the green.  Now, the van is weighted down with booty, another contribution to my home made patio.  It’s time for a trip to the nursery to check out some interesting ground covers to weave throught the stones.

Quick snaps of canola fields as I drove home, clouds like white sailing boats on an ocean of blue, biting into juicy apricots.  A very peaceful event!  This evening will be spent quietly, perhaps adding photos into my albums.  Tomorrow I’ll be working in the studio.  Have a lovely weekend, readers.


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