Shopping for Hardwood

I don’t know that I will do this today…(I’m thinking that I need to spend the day painting)….but I will be heading north this week to select the hardwood for the upstairs.  I am so happy with the hardwood completed last year on the main level.
It’s been a very distracting time lately.  Summer  has given me the opportunity to get involved with a good book….Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood (I’m finally making my way through my first-born’s collection)…..and I’m seeing REAL progress in the backyard landscaping.  The Chapel wall is now complete.  So…I can now look at getting more involved in the studio here at home and in my renovations. 
It has likely been four years since I went through the process of ripping up all of the broadloom in the house…the underlay….and left the floors covered in a base of chipboard.  My children have been so tolerant of my tendency to get involved with projects such as this!  I decided that the carpeting was unclean and I ‘went to town’ while they were away on a lengthy holiday.
Since then, it hasn’t been a pleasant thing for them to entertain their friends in an environment that looked much like a construction zone…but they have been troopers and have made the best of things.  I have awesome children!  Given the financial commitment, the development has happened in phases, much as the landscaping is now.  I’ve decided to take a photo journalist’s approach to the images that have appeared over time so that we have a remembrance of the ‘goings-on’ before all of this floor graffitti is covered over.

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