Things I Have Learned Today

There I was again…out with the timbers and the ten inch nails and the drill…oh….and today…a sledge hammer!  I will blog my sledge hammer below.  I did not imagine that I would ever have occasion to swing one of those!  I’ve decided that some of my readers may find this job less complicated, less physical and would not have need of a daily outing to a neighbourhood Home Depot.  Oh well!  This is me!  On-the-job-learning!
Some things I’ve learned….
1. Fresh green lumber is so much easier to drill than old stuff that you try to recycle for the sake of the planet!
2. Don’t bother pre-drilling for a 10" nail every 16 inches like they recommend!  Try every 30" instead!
3. Buy the longest length…maybe 14" to spike into the level ground you’ve created for your first layer.  10"s doesn’t cut it!
4. A sledge hammer will give you blisters on your thumb…plan ahead and apply a fabric bandage! 
5. If your nail doesn’t go anywhere…give up on it…you’ve hit a knot.  Don’t remain committed for an hour…it can get discouraging.
6. Get yourself a goose neck crowbar for removal of the 10" nails that you’ve driven into a knot! Set up another piece of wood to give yourself leverage.
7. Drink lots of water…keep things level and squared up….keep a smile on your face, all the while remaining determined.  Think how proud you’ll feel when you’ve built something on your own!

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