Freedom to Create Life

How lovely to wake up this morning and know that I could create my day with enthusiasm and energy!  It is an awesome thing to have summer vacation opening up before me!
I was over at the Chrysler Service Center at 7:30 a.m. to have my Angel Van primped and maintained so that it will serve me well during this awesome weather. 
When I returned home, I was back playing in the soil.  I dug out most of the second raised bed, while Daughter #2 drilled three holes in a piece of timber for the first bed.  It was so fun to share the sunshine and the work with her.  We sipped cold water and chatted as we took our regular breaks.
My daughter and I also shared time in the studio last evening.  She sat back in a red chair….we listened to Eric Clapton….Tears in Heaven….and I gessoed two canvases.  We talked a little about the painting on the easel….it seems that it’s been such a long time since I worked in the space that I love so much.  Tonight I will squeeze out the oil paint and possibly complete the one I have written about here.
We picked up the van together when I got the service call.  This gave her the opportunity to do some real CITY driving.  I have to admit that I’m slow to grow in comfort….but today, of all days, I stuck my neck out and gave her a chance to do some learning.  I think that it’s a pretty special thing to calm down enough to be with someone when they learn to drive.  Driving gave me the independence I needed as a young woman of 25.  I’m glad that my children are learning earlier than that.
First stop was the car wash…my favourite car wash!  A beautiful job of vacuuming…a beautiful wipe down and my Angel is now so lovely to look at!!  Seated on the passenger seat, at the completion of the job, were two work orders for my bike repair.  It was an awesome turn of events for me as I have been looking for these two pieces of paper for weeks.  This makes me smile as again and again I realize that if you just ‘let go’ sometimes answers will come to you in the most magical ways!
We then headed to the stamp shop where I picked up the stamps that have been made from a few of my drawings.  These will be used to create wedding invitations for my beautiful daughter living in England.  I will include a photo of one of the images here, in the hopes that I can get her approval.  I will be hand-printing these in espresso coloured ink over the next week.  I am very pleased with the results.
So…a full day to this point…cabbage rolls in the oven for dinner…and a great sense of accomplishment.
Have a glorious summer evening, each one of you!!

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