Dear Mr. President by Pink

If you have a couple of minutes,  listen to Dear Mr. President by Pink.  I like this melody.  And I hope the lyrics give you at least one ‘something’ to think about.  What can one person do?  While we do not hold the political power of this one man, we DO hold the ability to speak out.  Through music, art and the mediums of film, dance and theater, we have the power to communicate our opinions on a whole range of topics.
Finally, it is not for Presidents and Prime Ministers alone to do something about the impoverished…the homeless…the violence.  It is for the human family to show regard for one another, initiate change and use a political voice to establish leadership that will help achieve the goals and dreams of a more idealistic society.
Life can not be about ‘how much we can get’ and ‘who we control’.  It can not be about becoming involved ‘when we can gain financially or win a stronghold on resources’.  Life has to be about sometimes becoming involved ‘when we have nothing at all to gain’.  I read this over and think, “EVEN I THINK THIS IS RIDICULOUS”.  Sigh….well, it’s something to think about.

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