Building A Raised Bed

Oh my gosh!  I’m exhausted!
This painter-lady has achieved the installation of only one-and-a-half layers of landscaping timbers…and she feels as though her right arm and shoulder is on vibration-status from pre-drilling the required holes.  Time for a break! 
Very little reward for a big batch of work!  But…all is well!  Look…I’ve even categorized this entry as an experience titled, HOBBIES.  This makes me smile. 
I DO love building things and learning how to use tools!  However, because I do have an innate sense of perfection, I tend to be longer at doing almost everything.  This was supposed to be a studio painting-day…looks like it will be in the cool of evening instead.

1 thought on “Building A Raised Bed

  1. My Dear Cousin,
    You have entered my world of enjoyment, achievement, love, creativity, adventure, symbolism and pure damn hard fun.  I love you for knowing, I love you for who you are..Margy

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