Ultimate Journey

It’s a worthwhile thing to spend some time looking at the world through these folk’s eyes.  They kept a wonderful archive of both photos and writings.  I believe that human beings can be inspired by people like Chris and Erin to follow their dreams and explore any one of the many roads ahead. 
In my heart-of-hearts, I believe that ‘the road’ is a simple metaphor for how one can choose to live ones own life.  It is a simple matter of connecting to that place in your heart that speaks to you….it is a matter of opening your ears to listen to what it is telling you.   May all readers be inspired by their own story and live life fully…connected to personal dreams and ambitions.

“Hi, we are Chris & Erin:  former New York City dwellers for whom life was going pretty well.  We always enjoyed motorcycling and traveling, and slowly realized that our annual 2-week summer vacation just wasn’t enough.  So, we quit our jobs, sold our apartment (huge profit), our furniture, donated most of our clothing, and became instant minimalists.  With Passports, Carnets, and other paperwork theoretically in order, we loaded our tent, remaining clothing, and other worldly possessions onto two BMW motorcycles. 

At first, our families were worried about us, but as time went on they got used to the idea and now they are even secretly proud of us.

The purpose of our trip is to see new sights, meet new/different people, learn about other cultures, gain and share new experiences, and face new challenges.   Aside from helping to engage people in conversation, the motorcycles provide us with a freedom of movement, ability to explore, and greater exposure to our senses and surroundings. 

The bikes were shipped from New York to Morocco, and on May 20th, 1999 we arrived in Casablanca to launch our 15-month ‘Round the World (RTW) adventure.  We started the trip, like it was an extended 2-week holiday, and spent the first 6 months racing through Europe trying to check-off as many sites as possible.   While on the road, however, the trip took on a life of its own — We learned to slow down and spend more (quality) time in fewer places, to  get a better feel of the places we visit(ed).  The trip went far beyond our wildest expectations, in both experiences and time, and after more than 4 years traveling, we arrived back in New York in August 2003.

Of course we’ve had breakdowns and other problems along the way, forcing us to turn to locals for help, and providing us with some of the greatest experiences and best friendships along the way.  Many of the places we’ve seen have been incredible — and the people, well….extraordinary!

We hope our journey inspires others to follow their own dreams.   As Erin now likes to say, “life is too short to drink cheap red wine”.  If you have any questions, comments, or other suggestions, please do not hesitate to email us.”

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