The Chapel: Focused Painting

My daughter has visiting to do and arrangements to be made while she is home and so I found myself in the Chapel from 7:00 until 11:30 tonight….a good night of painting!
I took the handwritten notes from my Lenten journal and applied them to the wall in the upper left corner.  I like the fact that the plans, dreams, prayers and readings of the entire journey have been included in the piece.  As I read the entries over today, it just seemed the natural progression.
A mother stepped in, along with her friend and told me that later in the evening she was going to walk over to the church and bring four dried roses that she had received from her children for Mother’s Day.   It was so wonderful because I have wanted to apply rose petals to the bottom right side of the wall…St. Therese, the Little Flower promised to send roses from heaven after her passing.  The woman’s three children each applied a rose petal with my guidance and I continued to work on this section after they were gone.
It was a quiet space after the choir had depared and the receptionist checked out at nine…and a warm and wonderful thing when one of the Priests from the church came up to share quiet conversation about the art during my last half hour. I was happy to spend such a concentrated time working and feel that much was accomplished. 

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  1. Wow. Love your art and pics.  Was out to BC in 2000 and it was foggy and cold the whole way out and back, but finally we saw a clear view of the mountains in the rear view mirror as we were leaving.  Maybe we will go back some day.  Your pics remind me of our trip.

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