Bridal Shower and Balloons

Beautiful friends hosted a bridal shower for my daughter, home from London, England.  There was wonderful food and lots of fun to be had (the bride-to-be made a chocolate cake with absolutely no recipe…while the rest of us looked on).  At one point in the afternoon, we stepped out into a windy day, and made our way to the lovely green park edging the residence. We  walked to the center of the park and then each passed my daughter a helium-filled coloured balloon containing a rolled-up wish that had earlier been shared by each attendee.  We made a large circle, leaving her in the center,  to send the wishes up to the heavens.  She set them free and we watched, until finally they slipped into a sunlit opening, to be slowly covered by a blanket of cloud.  We hugged and cried and laughed and had a huge sense of support and history and love.  It was a beautiful ritual, one not to be forgotten.
Inside once again, the conversations wove through many topics including a reading list and best films list.  My two daughters and I left later, feeling blessed and well-fed. 

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