An Unfinished Life

This film struck me as a study in character, and while it may seem cliche at times, sitting through nights in the theaters or curled up on your couch at home, it is another story about human strength and what it takes to ‘heal’.  All sorts of obstacles may come our way…but how do we negotiate our way through the darkest times and set our own hearts down on a cloud of hope and peace?

The Wyoming landscape and small-town experiences speak to something in me.  There is enough strength in the characterization for the viewer’s interest to be sustained.  It is a story that has been told to us again and again in the novels we read and in the movies we view, and yet it is fresh and heart-warming enough to keep us engaged.  It is one that I watched at night while the teenagers were out.

Einer Gilkyson is played by Robert Redford and his sole companion is Mitch, played by Morgan Freeman.  Jean is played by Jennifer Lopez.  This is a story about melting hearts that have been chilled by the ice of critical circumstances.  A good film, I thought.

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