Evening in the Chapel

It was a good thing to return to the Chapel and do some painting for a couple of hours tonight.  My daughter is flying in from England…I thought tomorrow, but it turns out the day after tomorrow!  I’m feeling anxious and yet, not really up to doing the sort of organizing here that would demonstrate somehow my excitement at her homecoming!  So…when I’m flooded with emotion of one sort or another, I seem to go to my paintbrush.  It is a meditation of sorts.
 I changed the perspective on the arches…I did much thinking about that one, but am really very satisfied with the decision.  They feel resolved and I know that Father Joseph will appreciate that!  He spends many hours in the Chapel in prayer and so he has probably spent more time with the painting than any other.  I think that those arches had become an issue for him.
The scripture reading from John about the vines and the vine branches was written on the wall, just below the vinyards.  "Abide in me and I will abide in  you."
I began to paint into the figures…the crowds outside.
I applied a gold wash to the upper right wall.  Hours flew by and before I knew it, the receptionist was up with me, announcing the time.  It seems as though that space is ‘timeless’ and I am always caught off guard by the experience.  It was a good night….and good for my heart.

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