Baby Geese

I tend to be a chronic archivist and on May 14, 2006, I saw my first baby geese while standing on the ridge and overlooking the Bow River.  It was a lovely thing to make this siting on Mother’s Day.  My children and I took Laurie-dog for a beautiful walk after church.  We took the time to perch on a grassy hill and ‘really’ look at our surroundings.  That’s when we spotted the five babies….fuzzy, ‘hanging’ close to their mom.
Some years ago, my first springtime siting of babies was made on Mother’s Day and so I took a board down to the river’s edge and created an oil painting there.  I used to do that often and it was always tricky hiking back home while balancing a wet palette and board.  I know that the lady who owns that painting is living somewhere in Texas now.
My son completed his very first acrylic painting on the afternoon of the 14th in my studio.  He is yet another awesome ‘natural’.  His colour mixing and sense of notation and light are truly amazing.  This is a boy who  had absolutely no training whatsoever!  We shared in a short critique and he was very open and attentive regarding my suggestions and observations.  I talked to him about signing and explained monograms to him…and stepped out into the house.  A short time later, he entered and set the painting on the table, calling his sister to share a viewing.  I sat at the other end of the table, marking my forever-stack of english papers.
He gave me a hug…truly wrapped his arm around me from behind and muttered, "I love you Mom".
As he headed up the stairs, he said only…."The painting is your Mother’s Day present, Mom."  Oh my gosh….I am blown away!  It is absolutely unbelievable!  I will treasure it forever!
In the evening, my daughter took the three of us out for dinner….it was so wonderful!  The three of us sat there, sharing ‘ordinary’ time and conversation, something that is seemingly impossible at times given the business of our three lives.  I was treated to a martini and sipped as I hung onto my precious children and their conversations.
As we walked to the van, we were chatting about how an experience like that is sometimes way more precious than attending a concert together…because that way we really have the time to communicate with one another.  But then, we began spilling over about the various concerts we have seen together over the years….it was great fun….we slipped into spontaneous ‘animation’!  I was so surprised when my son broke in with, "REM was the best concert for me, by far!" when this was a band that they had never heard before….one that I had always loved….one that they attended out of my recommendation only.  So fun!
I had a marvelous Mother’s Day and yesterday, for the first day, I felt more like myself healthwise….so I hope now to collect the energy to get back to all of my projects.

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