Mother’s Day and Father’s Birthday

Anniversaries and events mark our lives.  There are many who ‘go crazy’ about the commercialization of these occasions…it doesn’t really bother me.  I think as consumers, we have a choice of ‘buying into’ the commercial aspects or creating authentic situations to recognize our love for others and honour their presence in our lives.
I have a very special Mother, someone who my children dearly love as a Gramma as well.  She is a helper and a doer.  Her talents have included sewing, cooking and gardening.  The fruits of her labour in all three areas and so many others would blow you away!  She loves to travel and see new places.  She takes on as much as her heart will carry, sometimes to a detriment.  In so many ways, she has been strong and determined in her life.  She wanted us to lack for nothing. She has been a lover of animals in her life and has delivered many a meal to shut-ins.  She extends herself wherever she can.  I love my Mother.
I have a very special Father, someone who my children dearly love as a Grampa as well.  He is a helper and a doer.  His talents have included music and gardening….and the last while, the making of wine.  The fruits of his labour in these three areas and in so many others would blow you away!  He loves to travel and see new places.  In his day, he was a remarkable and patient fisherman.  He has an ‘edge’ to him that keeps the rest of us laughing.  As the years go by, the edge seems to soften.  He has a remarkable way with pets and is the best barbecue man around!  I love my Dad.

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