Writing and the Moon

"I think of a writer
as a river: you reflect
what passes before you"
by Natalia Ginsburg
There is a special event tonight, along with the waxing gibbous.  The star Spica will be sitting very close to the moon…it should be brilliant.  Spica is the brightest star in the constellation Virgo.  It has a very special story that can be read in detail at the following site. 
I love watching the moon and the stars.  As my children grew up, I always brought them out to open fields outside of town or to the ridge overlooking the river to see the full moon or the northern lights or spectacular meteorite showers. When we went camping, we stretched out on our backs on blankets and watched the stars. 
Now, my children phone me from distant places…when they are visiting friends cottages and that sort of thing…just to see if I have seen the sights that they are enjoying.  I’m glad for all of the nights that I woke them up and bundled them in their pyjamas…took them to places outside of the city to enjoy the heavens.
One of my most special recollections was the sight of the northern lights one night.  It was just my son and I….we oooed and awed for an hour at some ridiculous hour of two in the morning or so….what a treasured memory!
Water and the moon are closely connected…. and they are both somehow innately connected with me.

1 thought on “Writing and the Moon

  1. Seems that we missed your star " Spica" last night….to many clouds in the way.
    Thank you for reminding me of these wonderful memories…something my Dad use to do with us when we were small. I can still hear my Mom saying "this is crazy…it is the middle of the night", but off we would go to see a special star, and an ice cream cone on the way back home.

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