"Cough! Sneeze!"
I’m not feeling to be at my peak right now…blogging, as well as almost every other activity has ground to a halt temporarily.  Oh yes, I did manage to get the sprinkler parked and sprinkling on every part of the lawn during the morning, lunch and after work…that was an accomplishment!  For someone who prides herself in always having objectives and exploring those passionately, I’ve certainly become a bit of a ‘limp biscuit’.  Is that a band?
I’m taking to my son’s batman blanket, a very cozy fuzzy comfort fabric that makes me somehow feel that I can disappear, sip hot drinks and watch movies, no matter what they are.  You know you aren’t feeling well when you dig to the bottom of  your laundry basket to find thick wool socks to wear to bed!  Hoping that you’re all well and living life, INTENSELY!

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