Other People and Their Gardens

It is sunshine to see gardeners gardening and to see all the folk in the neighbourhood out doing their work.  It is nice to have conversations on the sidewalk with people who have been nesting all winter and spring…to wear short sleeves and sandals in the warmth!
Here is a picture of my friend’s garden…the beautiful stones painted by loving thoughtful hands!  What a glorious combination of beautiful things….plants coming to life and art…an expression of an artist!

2 thoughts on “Other People and Their Gardens

  1. The best part of Spring  is the tiny bouqets of dandelions all through the house hand picked with love just for me!
    Beautiful stones painted with love….the little artist is glowing. Thank you!

  2. Dear Kath,  you are so beautiful,  I love your spirit and I love your mind.  They are inspiring and  peaceful to me.  I love you and who you are.   Margy

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