I want to do something about the plight of the citizens of this African region.  The situation in Sudan has been escalating for years!  I am pleading with you to contact your Canadian MPs to do more to stop the humanitarian crisis in the Darfur region of Sudan…such displacement and killing!  Perhaps you have noted that to some degree, I am an idealist.  And yes, I can sit back and agree, what can one person do?  But I am also objective when I say that there are things within our power as human beings that we can do. Years added to years can do a couple of things…it can cause you to become more and more self-centered OR it can cause you to formulate a legacy.

It is for each individual to choose to create ‘magic’.

This morning, I am urging you to look outward, whether you are a person who has significant power in the business world OR someone who writes poems late at night, after serving drinks in a bar…please become aware of the status of families and children in Africa and now, particular to the Darfur region.

This crisis looks to be genocide….again!

Write a letter and apply pressure on your political representatives and do not remain silent!

Photo Credit: Olivier Jobard

Photo Credit: Olivier Jobard

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  1. Thanks to you and other bloggers who keep this issue in the space.  More needs to be done.  Chjeck out my space and my opinion!

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