I love the springtime for the wee little sprouts of things!  I love working in the soil, using my bare hands to break apart the cool clumps of earth! I often think that I was intended to be solely a planter, but find that at the very least, this small garden plot brings me closer to my own spiritual roots.  For the most part, I plant perennials and have selected them so that no matter what time of season, there is colour and typically there are contrasts…just like my paintings…yellow set out against violet…orange against blue.

For now, there is the simplicity of evening sun setting over turned soil, a rich warm colour in the light.  Last year I turned bags of manure in and this weekend I will turn in a bag of Peat Moss.

Placed in the garden, are some ceramic tiles created by my youngest daughter while she studied at Art College.  I love to intersperse sculpture with garden spaces, and I want to develop more of that over the years as I create a personal landscape.

Down at the ‘big house’ I had many beds to plant…in fact, I have planted, no matter my circumstance. Another rite of spring that I will observe this weekend is to locate my first crocus of the season…something that is very special to me.

It IS officially my firstborn’s birthday and so it is only appropriate that I should write a garden entry in celebration of her life! Happy Birthday, my beautiful daughter!

IMG_4799 IMG_4800

2 thoughts on “Soil

  1. I have always thought of gardening as "food for the soul".
    This year it proves to be true.
    Very nice to be back here!
    "Happy Birthday" to the birthday girl from a friend far away.

  2. Thank you for the birthday wishes you red and blue painters!  I have to say I\’m hopeless at gardening, but hope the herb pot I received for my birthday will bring creativity and life into my kitchen.  I must say, try some fresh marjoram leaves and chopped parsley in a salad – delish!

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