Return to the Chapel, Painting and Karate!

It is a day of celebration really!  My friend had a baby son last evening; word has it that both Mom and baby are healthy!  I am in awe of such miraculous events…so very happy!
I spent yesterday with my friend, divining in the countryside…a beautiful day of cool breezes and warm sunshine…snuggling a pregnant donkey, pregnant cats…watching dancing calves darting about, tugging at their mothers and imitating the big ladies filing after their hay.  The whole world is pregnant with spring…it is a lovely time.
I spent two hours painting in the Chapel this evening after almost two weeks rest and rejuvenation.  It is a wonderful Easter…butterfly motifs woven throughout the church building and lilies and flowers everywhere! (I am still amazed that just days ago, I saw a field of calla lilies in full bloom in the southern United States.) The water flows in the baptismal font and so as I painted this evening, it sounded much like the creeks of yesterday.  I am filled with positive thoughts, notions and experiences and expect all of that to continue as I head out to a good session of karate.

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