Earth Day!

I’m back!  I’ve returned from a drive through paradise…seen places I’ve never seen and seen places I HAVE seen, differently.  It was a dream-like adventure, that’s for sure!  I climbed up into the cab of a long-hauler’s truck seven days ago and drove through six States…delivering to a spot called San Luis, Arizona….picking up a load in LA and arriving home last evening….and oh my!  The places and spaces between!  Spectacular.  I am awe-inspired…as an artist, a friend and as a spiritual being.
It’s appropriate to celebrate earth day today…I’m feeling so blessed and overcome by the beauty that is so apparent everywhere!  Let’s do what we can as individuals to protect this precious commodity…because that is what the earth has become…a commodity.  It’s necessary for all to live their lives consciously…inventors, politicians, artists, trades people, corporate leaders, teachers….it is absolutely imperative that our resources not be taken for granted.
I’m going to now open up a new photo album here…try to post some photos that capture, at the very least, some sense of landscape.  I will title the photo album, "Oh, The Places You’ll Go!", a Dr. Seuss book.

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