Water by Deepa Mehta

Holy Week began with Palm Sunday…a beautiful celebration commemorating the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem.  The reading of the Passion of Christ was followed by a talk including observations that sometimes Christians do not stand up for their faith and for their principles in today’s world. 
I am of the mind that it is for us to explore, question and dig deeper…ever-seeking a closer and authentic relationship with God who loves us.  We can not expect to be spoon-fed or go blindly, without a sense of responsibility to this special relationship. 
I would like to thank those of you who encouraged me while showing step-by-step what my Lenten journey involved in my painting and in my exploration of scripture.  I will continue to paint, but in a less structured way, until the piece is completed in the Chapel. When I DO paint, I will publish photos of the ongoing progress.
Tonight I have rested…and I will again tomorrow night.  On Thursday I will observe the washing of the feet and spend time in prayer afterwards, in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.  Likely this will be my last entry until after Easter and so I am wishing everyone here a very blessed and prayerful reflection…of the Crossthe Passion and finally and forever, the Resurrection!
While relaxing this evening I watched the movie, Water by Deepa Mehta.   An exquisite film…beautiful and powerful..an important story to be told!
Closing thoughts…when it can be found inside ourselves, we can be kind to others.  We can show compassion.  We can be generous.  We can have a spirit of goodness in all that we do.  We have this moment.  We can give something rich and wonderful to the world, or we can share those emotions, words and actions that are rooted in fear.  It is for each of us to unlock the answers within our own hearts.

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