Springtime!  We ‘sprung ahead’ an hour!  The clock is new and so am I! I am feeling likely MORE involved in things than what is even ‘normal’ for me!  I need to be organizing photo albums again…sticking each photo in with those old fashioned corner thingies…writing little anecdotes as I go along.
I went for a lovely river walk with Laurie-dog this weekend.  We didn’t spot anything unusual…just loved though, the smell of the moist air…the sounds of the birds…first robins of the season, chickadees, magpies and their loud voices…ducks and geese on the open water.  There was lots of neighbourly dog-sniffing going on…my pooch was so happy.
The spring-cleaning bug caught me…I took loose papers from around the house and sorted them all…chucked them or found a place for them.  This morning, although looking at a long TO-DO list, I’m feeling some sense of calm and a sense of ‘knowing’.
Yesterday after church, I took my daughter into the Chapel to see the progress…we met a few different people there and shared in ‘magical’ conversations.  There are wonderful stories that were stirred up as a result…so personal and wonderful, I’m not certain they are even meant for a Blog.  Just know that I have been blessed again and again by this painting!
Happy birthday, my beautiful sister!!  I am grateful that you were born!  You fill a very special place in my heart!

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