Legends of the Fall

It is a wonderful thing to be taking some relax and letter-writing time.  I’ve been traveling full-throttle for awhile now.  Last evening I sat and watched a movie,  Legends of the Fall, one I realize I had seen before…but was happy to sit and view again, but with new eyes.
The landscape, like Brokeback Mountain, was beautiful!  Shot in Montana, it felt much like the landscapes of my heart.  Often I have felt that I was meant to live by a river somewhere in a far off place just like the one depicted in this movie…awesome open skies, mountains on the horizon and a home nestled in the foothills.  It was a relaxing thing just to be with the movie.
The musical score was another element that particularly impressed me.  What an absolutely stunning and colourful experience with the music!
The story was complex, with many layers.  I enjoyed the film as I nibbled on nacho chips and salsa and sipped a pleasant-enough red wine.
This morning I am going to sit and write letters at the kitchen table and perhaps go for a river-walk with my pooch.  It’s a grey day here, but I think that a nice walk will somehow ‘fill me up’.  (Last night there was such a lovely crescent moon in the sky….our walks together usually reveal some glorious aspect of nature!)  Then…off to the Chapel for some painting before lunch and I’m hoping that if I pace myself right, I will actually be able to paint at the easel today.  There is much to be done there!
This evening is a hot tub with my sister-friends, so some sort of appetizer will have to be prepared for that event.  I’m looking forward to sharing time with these women.  We always share in such wonderful discussion. 
Have ‘magic’….make ‘magic’….live your ‘magic’!

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