Chapel Time: Day Twenty-Four

A simple two hours of work!  I applied a surface to the upper arches so that I can pull washes over a texture…some work on the vineyard that I want to paint to the left…an application of a relief fish symbol in one of the bubbles to the left also.  I was the only one in the church…the secretary locked up and left me there until six….bells of the church rang… beautiful light poured through circular windows and left lit spaces everywhere.  I stood amazed by the light and shadow, all alone in the center isle.  I gazed up at the Corpus…in wonder…in awe of my life.
Tonight my son is at band camp in Magrath, Alberta and my daughter is at work…the house, too, is quiet.  I contemplate a walk in the hills with my loyal pup.  I think that this is going to be a beautiful weekend…painting and fresh air.

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