Chapel Time: Day Twenty-Three

Two women visited me in the Chapel tonight and one young man.  I began to paint after attending Mass again tonight and noticed that there was much activity out in the main church while I was at work.  I stayed until 9:30 and while there, heard the Stations of the Cross said by a group of people and led by the young man who had done the formal Blessing in the Chapel just yesterday.  After that, I heard him deliver a homily to a committee as a step toward his Ordination.  It was a lovely thing to hear all of these voices in prayer, in song and in preaching.
One of the women brought with her, a reading from Samuel that affirmed again that the oils of the historical time of Jesus would have likely been stored in horns.  What gave me a ‘chill’ was the fact that only two weeks ago three of us had been researching for the information that this reading provided…and in no way had I expected it to surface as a reading during this Lenten season and at this very time! So many of these circumstances are unfolding…it is truly wonderful!
I want to make certain that I represent the different vessels that would have been appropriate at the time.  They will not be in proportion with the figures, but I am allowing for a certain primitive and unusual sense of depth to be created.  The piece will contain a significant narrative in the end!

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