Chapel Time: Day Twenty-Two

An amazing thing happened for me this afternoon in the Chapel….my hands…the work of my hands….my painting tools…my palette….were all blessed for the Glory of God…sprinkled with Holy Water….prayed over by a small group of precious friends.  I will never forget this…it was one of those life-defining moments that one can not possibly forget.  It will remain in my memory as one of those special events that have everything to do with my faith formation and future practice.  A mother-friend…her two children…and a young man who intends to become a Priest…a man who proclaims the Gospel and God’s love with tremendous spirit!  They were in my life to bear witness to this art and to celebrate the Holy Spirit’s ability to drive the art and the experience.  I am very very happy.
After that, I climbed the twelve foot ladder and began to depict the figures…the four friends who broke through the roof and lowered the paralytic man through the opening to be in the presence of Jesus.  Such support!  Such faith!
I am so enthusiastic about the project at this point that I am neglecting my studio painting and very easily wanting to spend hours and hours involved in the process.  I’m accepting this and trying more to prepare home-cooked meals and keep up with the laundry than anything else.  I’m also feeling more connected to my children…more ‘in love’ with them…and feeling very much that this is due to the experience of the presence of God in my every moment.

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