Chapel Time: Day Nineteen

It was beautiful to be in that space in the morning!  So peaceful!  I am attempting to get the first layer of paint on the entire wall….it looks very intense at this point, but with the washes to follow, unity and softer edges will be created.  The offering of the gifts is what came to mind as I worked this morning. I fully intended to be home by noon, but time flew and when I finally popped my head out of the Chapel to ask a musician if he knew what time it was, he said that it was one o’clock.  Time is a very strange and abstract concept in such a prayerful space.  My mind is free when I am painting there.  Now it is time for mundane sorts of activities…washing of floors, grocery shopping…the things that I imagine the rest of you do as a matter of routine.
Laurie-dog makes sounds as he enters his doggie dreamworld on the couch nearby…I very slowly ease into the day.

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