My Son and Daughters

We just arrived home from my son’s birthday celebration at our favourite family eating spot in Inglewood and I have to sit for a moment and just think about how absolutely precious all three of my children are to me!  I am blessed daily by them…by their depth, intelligence and the passions they explore!  They are so incredibly ‘unique’, with powerful connections to all things creative.  Their enthusiasm spills over and onto their friends…and onto me and I am grateful!
I asked my youngest daughter if I could publish these thoughts of hers on this blog, given that they, in some small way, capture how the people of this household think. She said it was alright…and so I give my daughter’s words to you.
Lately, she loves orange.
"I am the type of person who highlights practically everything when I read notes for school. Like my notes, I seemed to have highlighted a lot of things in my lifetime as things to remember even though they may not seem to be important to others.
I remember my grandma showing me how to make pie crusts, my grandpas voice, making my brother eat a jellyfish, being punched in the stomach, the smell of my mothers studio, having to leave the house when the paint fumes got dangerous, figuring out how my mom painted rivers, hating her boyrfriends, hating a lot of peoples boyfriends,rhythmic competitions, calgary transit, kyla drawing squares on my eyebrows, dancing, laughing on laurens basement stairs, fishcreek park, sitting on laurens roof, pushing weeji boards (sp?),house hippos,living in hotels,parents dancing to neil young on sunday mornings,concerts with my mom and brother,london with my sister,finding all of the easter eggs before my brother could,walking the dog before lauren picks me up, the sound of my skateboard on the sidewalk,drinking with my girlfriends,heartbreak,my friends letting me play songs over and over, annoying edger and peanut, walking across the river, dumpster diving at acad, conversations in drawing, sneaking to mosh at punk shows, mcdonalds/tims instead of school,waking up early for band camps,my sister helping me with the piano, conversations and the smell of espresso I took home after work, eating pancakes a lot during stampede,nosebleeds,being a part of the rosary club,wrestling, running, winning, losing….
When I write random things down like this it really makes me think about how good life is, Ive been focusing on negative things lately. I hope other people are inspired to really look at their own story. The above is all mine, and it is all I have. How did I forget?"

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