Banff and Wonder

What an exquisite day…what precious ‘stuff’ in my life!  I haven’t seen the mountains since winter crept into being…and I’ve missed them.  Today I was able to share them with someone I treasure.  While there were bits of snow at times, the sky opened up in that sort of untramarine blue that I squeeze out onto my palette…and the clouds at times were absolutely stunning, taking my breath away.
Some would take this beauty for granted… I try to remember to be grateful and awestruck everytime I set my gaze on such magnificence.
We delivered my recent work to the gallery in Banff and were greeted with such warmth that I felt welcomed both professionally and personally.   It was nice to step into the front entrance of the Banff Springs Hotel and find a piece of mine in a special place.  The entire day was filled to the brim with surprises and good feelings.  As I sit here typing, I feel it was a good thing to spend time relaxing and reflecting and dancing my life!
I thought several times today about an artist-friend of mine to the north who celebrated an opening of his own.  I do hope that it was a wonderful event for him and that he was surrounded by friends and loved ones.
I thought also of Jarrett…he was born on March 18, 1984…and since his passing, I can not help but remember.

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