Chapel Time: Day Fifteen

RED!  I stepped into the office area at six to pick up the key to the Chapel…but this time, apart from greetings shared with the church office staff, I had the chance to exchange ideas with two wonderful people!  What a special conversation among friends, one a young man who is journeying toward a life in the Priesthood.  There were books pulled off of shelves and the sifting through of scripture…we looked at Samuel 10 and Numbers 4 and beyond,  in search of a clear description of what sort of vessel/container would be used for the storage of oils in the time of historical Jesus.  The conversation has fed my sense of connection between the painting and the people. 
If any of you know more about particular vessels related to that period in time and geographic location, please let me know.  For example, apparently a wine jug was of a specific dimension and could contain a specific amount of wine.  There are many many biblical references to water, wine and oil, but little reference to their containers.
I needed to get home to my son so that I could drive him for a Birthday dinner with his father…so my time in the Chapel was limited to about forty-five minutes.  As I worked on a small portion of the wall, I reflected on the conversation shared and felt tremendous enthusiasm for the project.
Again, a wedding rehearsal was taking place, but this time the accompanist was playing the most amazing wedding entrance song on the grand piano.  It made me think about my oldest daughter and the wedding that is taking place in our church in September.  It makes me feel so happy to the core!

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