I smile to myself as I note that the last blog arrived, published, precisely at Midnight.  I’m pleased.
The topic seems even more relevant NOW. So much of what we are about is connected to TIME!
Today is my son’s birthdaySixteen years ago he slipped into the world…effortlessly…it was a miracle to behold! And no, I’m not going to blog my birthing story, so all of you, REST EASY!
This PAST week I spent time thinking about time…how I am changing, inside and out. I even had the opportunity to speak with someone dear about time this evening…about the concepts of the PAST, the PRESENT and the FUTURE.  Isn’t there a song written about how our PRESENT someday will be our PAST?
Does it look like I have too much time on my hands, doing that quirky thing with the red text?
To end this birthday blog, I just want to say this.  I’m wrapped up in the present tense! I am just so inclined to sit on a rock by the river and sit timelessly endlessly watching that river flow…but instead, I will head for bed.  And call it a day! Good night moon….good night sky…good night cat and dog…good night painting…good night writing….good night friends…..

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