I am very happy that I went ahead to karate tonight, although I was sleep-deprived and taxed with many different responsibilities.  The person who was our Sensai  when my son and I began our training at Lindsay Park some seven years ago was in attendance tonight.  His father is my Sensai now and I am proud to have had a relationship with both of them.  They are amazing people!
He trained with us for the warm up and then the basics, but sat out and to the front of the class during our kata.  From there, we had a three minute break and then regrouped…each Brown Belt taking on the practice of a different colour.  I was working with the Orange Belts on their most recent kata…Hien Yondan. 
As I reviewed with them, I lost site of a few things…I was not explaining to them the application for their movements.  Senpai asked if I understood them and then demonstrated…he was firm…and yet I’ve never been one short on kime (focus)…so he supported me through his informative and much-appreciated time with us.  Then, when all eyes were on him…he used my name…and said, however paraphrased, "When I began as your teacher, I did not imagine that you would have progressed like this.  I am proud of you."  I talked to him about my weak hip action…my tightness in my shoulders…and yet he continued to affirm me and said instead, "While I was watching you, I was proud of your technique."
I can not tell you what a wonderful night this was! 
My girl just got home from her shift…my dog has made his way to my bed…and so will I.  It is just a beautiful thing that this day has gone so well.  I know that I will sleep tonight.  It was an intense workout and I am feeling so pleased.
Second to all of this, but no less important, is that a friend-artist called me long-distance tonight to tell me that today he saw the work that I delivered to our gallery in the north this past weekend.  He proceeded to give me a special and positive response to my work, filled with wit and charm and encouragement!  This, as well, was something that I will remember…a very special night indeed!

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