Morning Coffee

News Flash!
It is NOT a good thing to wake at 3:00 a.m…..sigh!  Not on a work day!  I made my first coffee at 4:30.  I couldn’t wait any longer!  My friends wonder how I have time to do the things that I do!  I have already tried a new recipe this morning while all of you snoozers were snoozing!  Cowboy Stew…yummers…it’s been sending whoofs of wonderful smells through the house since 6:00 a.m.
I don’t think that this is ‘normal’…and quite frankly, I’ve been having beautiful sleeps the last while…but every once and awhile, this middle-aged body just wants to pull itself out of bed earlier than some of you younger folk!
I’ve done my sorting of papers…read through the Fast Forward magazine to see if there are any great acts coming town….and there are, but my budget will not permit!  Wrote out cheques for band programs…did some handwritten journal writing….sorted the ‘girl-bag’ with the gidgets and gadgets for today’s painting.  Oh yes…and laundry!  There are still a whole number of chores I could have taken on, but none of them looked as enticing as the ones mentioned here.  (sad, right?)
Anyway, to all of you, I have to say….Wake up!  Smell the roses!  And…I’m sure you’ll be more energetic than me come dinner time!

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