Chapel Time: Day Thirteen

It has been difficult day for both my daughter and I and given our mutual foibles, I spent only forty-five minutes in the Chapel this evening.  Initially, there was  a great deal of peace and pleasure regardless…although my meditation was somewhat inhibited.  I feel as though I’m spending time with a good friend now, more so than any other time in my life.  We are company for one another.
I began to build up a layer of texture tonight and will paint into it tomorrow when the medium is dry.  There will be much drawing on/ building upon and rubbing patina into….this is a real process.
I regret that I have been impatient this evening and I’m determined to have a better sleep tonight.  While I don’t think that I have one ounce of energy to give to a karate session, it’s important that I go and do my best.  From there, I will pick up my two teens and home we’ll fly to nest!  Have a beautiful evening with your loved ones!

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