Twelfth Night In the Chapel: Full Moon!

There is a huge full moon tonight.  It is hidden by soft cloud, but  the contour is so distinct that it is lovely.
I find myself working later and later into the evening..and because I didn’t clean my brushes until before seven, I decided to stay for Mass.  It was in itself, beautiful.  I sit here in the quiet of the computer room, both teenagers gone, feeling pretty blessed before my God. 
As I painted red for the first time, I feel particularly emotional/thoughtful.  I worked in free brush marks,  but as I turned away from them and then revisited them, they had become drips…moving into gold.  I could not help but think about the passion and love of Christ because the story of that Passion was before me on a wall….again and again.  I will leave the original drips of red as a first layer and will not alter them….here begins the story….the excavation of the landscapes of Jesus…man who was carpenter….someone we know little about for much of his life.  My, what a struggle this young guy took on!  It is an honour to have anything to do with this project at all.  What a privilege!
Flames…tongues of fire…fire and water…huge symbols!

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