She Is from Dream Brother

A new track from Dream Brother – The Songs of Tim + Jeff Buckley, which also features contributions from The Earlies, Micah P. Hinson, and The Magic Numbers (among others).
"Tim Buckley and his son Jeff are now the stuff of rock mythology: masters of the octave-leaping voice, the impossible to categorize blend of music and the intense, sensitive-soul gaze. It’s clear that the artists who’ve contributed to this unique, joint salute love the Buckley’s music, but they’re happy (not sad) to shake things up a little. Even long time fans may have trouble recognizing some of their favorite songs here. The Magic Numbers make Tim’s "Sing A Song For You" entirely their own. Sufjan Stevens’ take on "She Is" fulfills the madrigal potential of the original and in the hands of Engineers, "Song To The Siren" is now a sad march to the sea. Interpretations of Jeff’s "Mojo Pin" and "Grace" (by King Creosote and Adem respectively) treat the originals like well-worn folk ballads, bringing out unheard nuances.

In the way it honors the heritage of the Buckleys while also exploring new ground, Dream Brother is a testament to the unique legacy Tim and Jeff have left in their wake."


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