There’s a CD release party, a memorial of sorts to Billy Cowsill…I don’t know that I will find the energy to attend, but certainly, my heart is in it.  I enjoyed listening to good music as I drove to Edmonton today…beginning with James Blunt, followed by Dar Williams, then Tom Phillips and the Men of Constant Sorrow (High Flyer)…then K.D.Lang (49th Parallel) and finishing with Transcendental Blues by Steve Earle.  A good day of listening!
I picked up the paintings at the framers by 10 and was on the road by 11.  There was (were?)blowing snow and blizzard conditions all the way to Red Deer and finally, just north of there…at Blackfalds, there was a sign posted warning of winter driving conditions.  I smiled, given that the ten minutes of blue sky that I found in my divining today happened directly after the visual encounter with the sign.  For much of the road there were blinding snowstorms and I kept asking myself, "Should I turn back?"  As is so often the case in life, while I was asking this question over and over again, I was making progress toward my destination and before you know it (and after my ritual of cheese doritos and mango beverage) I was entering Edmonton.
South of Red Deer the horses in the fields had their bums turned toward the wind that seemed to be whirling snow from the northwest.  For the first time, I saw baby calves…the first of this season.
Just south of Edmonton, horses seemed to be thickly clothed…bushy-haired…and were happily chomping hay that was overflowing from several barrells.  From there, I moved south on highways that seemed to be shining with the ice created by morning winds.
I am relieved to be home…sipping a nice shiraz and feeling pleased that the dealer was happy with the recent work.  I’m feeling proud of it as well, knowing full-well that my contented spirit is contributing much to the process.

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