Chapel Time: Day Nine

It’s time for me to get to bed…it’s morning!  I will be driving north tomorrow with a load of paintings so I’ll have to spend two hours in the Chapel on Sunday…or perhaps two hours early next week to compensate for the missed time tomorrow.
There was a wedding rehearsal happening this afternoon when I arrived.  I enjoyed the laughter, the readings and the constant hum of voices.  It is an amazing thing…what goes on in a church while parishoners are out and about, busying themselves.  I feel as though I’m getting in touch with the workings of our Parish…getting to know the beautiful people who are working there.  I’ve EVEN been in the furnace room!
Quiet drawing time was such a lovely contrast to the sort of work I’ve been doing in that space…it was so fulfilling.  It was a beautiful start to the weekend!

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