Chapel Time: Day Eight

The entire wall has been gessoed white now…a nice flat surface for painting! I’ve been given artistic liberty and I’m feeling trusted and absolutely motivated to follow through with the artistic process, having been a part of a wonderfully fulfilling preparation component.  I’m hoping now that my readers will see some transitions start to happen as images and symbols begin to reveal themselves.  The only challenge now is…do I begin at the top (the way I begin my studio paintings) and work down or do I work from the bottom up?  It’s quite a reach from the ladder to get into those corners.
This evening’s work was very quiet and because of the snowfall, the Chapel seemed darker than usual.  I turned up all of the lights and in time, a cozy feeling began to fill me up…the solitude was beautiful.  I hope that painting this wall will give a sense of welcome and warmth to this space.

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