Lunchtime Break

It is a beautiful day…it feels like a green day.  I sit here snacking on rice crackers and sliced cheese…some beautiful strawberries.  My good ol’ Lawrence-dog is at my feet.  It’s good to take a break from my work place.  I love that I’ve been able to open the window wide here and I am listening to that wonderful sound of water melting off of the roof…sliding down the pipes (what are those called?) and slipping out onto the melting snow and soft earth below.  I love that sound!
This morning has been a phenomenal morning with my students…some art made by Grade fives in a whole number of purples…wonderful!  Things that will go into the main hallway to bring thoughts of the Lenten journey to others.  Most incredible is the work produced by my Grade Nine artists!  Self Portraits, done over time by these students, demonstrate a process of learning and discovering their own faces.  It is a gratifying experience!

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