Chapel Time: Day Six

The sanding is finished…near six o’clock the bells of the church began to ring…and I had just finished to the top of the twelve foot ceiling.  It feels very good to know that most of the preparation for the wall is now completed, with only a wipe down and a thin coat of gesso to complete that part of the process.
I realized this evening that I missed a huge social event last evening.  I donated a large painting, as I have for the past three years, to the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.  As a result, I have been invited annually to a huge function called the Cork and Canvas.  It’s a big ‘society’ event and is a great thing for good food, wine and networking.  Art is auctioned and good wines are auctioned and it is just a superb experience.
This evening as I reflect about missing this…I think…hmmm…there is nowhere else I would have rather been last evening than in the quiet of the Chapel for a little over an hour…to be followed by an amazing karate workout in the dojo.  There is a balance in life….and sometimes we make the right choices…sometimes, regrettably, we make the wrong ones and then sometimes, we just have the absolutely RIGHT things fall into place ‘just because’.  I’ve been wondering today though…about coincidences.  Is anything really a coincidence?  Your thoughts please.
"We are writing about what it feels like to disappear for a bit into what is most ‘essential’ in life…that quiet peace of just entering the moment for itself!  Celebrate this…this is the blessing. I am going to go and find the very same thing right now in a circular motion…and a little soft scratching sound…"


This afternoon I asked my class if they would join me for a single morning…on either a Tuesday or Thursday…would they join me for the Celebration of the Mass at our school?  Their faces…their downcast eyes…I smiled at the silence.


"It’s hard to get up that early." 


"I would if there was some food!"


"Oh," I said, "Didn’t I tell you?  There IS food?"


"There is??"


"Yes!  The best of foods!"  (Eyebrows raised!  Smiles!)




"Nah…the Bread of Life!" 

And yes, I HAVE agreed to bring donuts that morning…along with orange juice!


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