Shotokan Karate

An awesome night was had at the dojo tonight.  Perhaps all of that "Wax On!  Wax Off!" activity has been of help to me.  It was a good workout, lots of sweat and a good round of three point sparring!  My most recent kata is Bassai-Dai which focuses on turning a disadvantage into an advantage. This kata emphasizes strong hip rotation, U punches and lifting actions.  I love what this sport does for my sense of well-being and balance.  The people in the dojo are people who I can always rely on. 
Sensai continues to meet with me for a few minutes before we begin to go over Hirigana.  This is a skill that will have to be practised very regularly for a long time.  Like karate itself, one continues to strive toward a goal…one step at a time.  It sounds like this young lady loves this sport almost as much as I do!

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