Day of Rest

The lettering here is yellow…bright…happy yellow!  I took a day of rest from sanding…I thought that Jesus would likely honour this decision since Sunday is celebrated as the LORD’s day.  I am celebrating in yellow lettering because I just stepped into the house…it’s 6:30 p.m. or so…and I have all of my third term mark data input (that wouldn’t be inputted, now, would it?).  I’m breathing a sigh of relief.  My eyes are very very tired and I have this wound up section on the right shoulder area…think some would call it a knot.  My daughter who studies dance is constantly concerned about my wound-up-edness.
I thank my friends and family who were sending out positive thoughts to me through this weekend.  It has been a tough one.  I still have fresh vegetables and fruit to buy before bedtime…but will sit and sip a glass of red shiraz and take a wee break first. 
Last sanding should take place before karate training tomorrow evening.  Blessings and safety to each one of you!

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