Chapel Time: Day Four

While working at the sanding this afternoon, some of the practical techniques/images/ and concepts were coming to mind.  There is a little bit of a struggle going on between the sense that I deal with gilt relief forms and textures OR earthen sorts of treatments.  I think it would be too much to incorporate both…I need to receive a sense about the direction I take from the Holy Spirit.
I know that some of the prayer lines/mantras/meditations I am using while entering into the rhythm of the sanding will be incorporated in script.  This makes sense to me because I am just someone who loves to write on walls. It is instinctual.
The most lovely thing about today’s sanding was that the choir began to tune up and practise while I had the chapel door open.  It was so beautiful.  I cut my time a tad short today because I noticed that some of the faithful were arriving early for meditation.  It is hardly a peaceful thing to hear someone drawing circles on a wall again and again.
I photographed a triptych today…thinking that I will enlarge it tomorrow and do some transparencies and plans atop to get a sense for the space.  I don’t know if I will work in a freehand approach or create overheads from my initial sketches and project them for proportion/scale.  The scale of the project is wonderful!

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