Chapel Time: Day Three

I went and sanded in the Chapel right after teaching today and quite frankly, I look like Casper (you know?  the friendly ghost!) right now!  My daughter has documented this so that in fact, someone will believe that there is evidence that ‘something’ has been happening the past three days.  If you look at the window, the only bit I have to sand before I can scrub the wall and begin, is what is above the window top.  The stained glass windows are directly across from the window, on the north wall.  It was quite lovely…beautiful…to watch the thick white snowflakes drift past the coloured glass…just as last evening it was ‘magical’ to watch the shifting colour reflected onto the white.
Off I go to sit in a nice warm tub…and then head back to the school to input marks.  Another report card deadline is looming and much of my focus will be in that area this weekend.  If the weather improves though, I’ll be hopping in the angel and driving some work to my gallery in the north.  Have a beautiful weekend!

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